Portfolio Models

Portfolio Models

We have done extensive research to establish an Asset Allocation strategy that fits each individual clients profile. You can click on the links under each of the portfolios names below to get a better understanding of the historical returns for each portfolio along with the allocation percentages into each asset class.

All Weather Portfolio - Combination of stocks with stable business models and long history of below average volatility, with high quality treasury bonds of intermediate to long term durations. 

Ultra Conservative Portfolio - For the risk adverse investor that still wants to stay ahead of inflation and maintain their purchasing power.

Conservative Portfolio - For the risk adverse investor that still wants to achive some capital growth without taking on too much volatility.

Balanced Portfolio - A benchmark portfolio that fits most investors risk tolerance profile. Seeks to achieve an  

Moderately Aggresive Portfolio - Above average risk tolerance, investors will need to accept an increase in volatility for the potential of some additional growth.

Aggressive Portfolio - For the aggressive risk seeking investor that can accept the potential of large swings in the account balance for the possibility of achieving above average returns over the long run.