Model Portfolios

Model Portfolios

We have done extensive research to establish an Asset Allocation strategy that fits each individual clients profile. Below is each of the five portfolio models that we offer. Based upon a specific clients investment goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon, one of these models will serve as the foundation that we build upon.

Please feel free to contact us if you'd like more specific information. 

Aggressive Portfolio - this portfolio is designed for those with a long time horizon and a very high tolerance for risk. Significant declines can occur during times of market stress. Investors must be willing to accept these risks in order to achieve the potential for outsized rewards.

Long Term Savers Aggressive Portfolio - this portfolio is designed for those young people that are starting to save for their retirement. We use a combination of low cost passive index funds to help investors achieve a globally diversified portfolio efficiently.

Growth & Income Portfolio - this portfolio is designed for those who aren't overly concerned with short term volatility in order to achieve longer term capital appreciation. 

Balanced Portfoliothis portfolio is designed for those who are moderately risk adverse, but still desire the potential for moderate levels of capital appreciation. 

Conservative Portfolio - this portfolio is designed for the risk-averse, where the main goal is to at least keep up with or moderately beat the inflation rate. This portfolio is perfect for those who are nervous about investing, but also see the need to keep their investable assets in line with the rising cost of living expenses. 

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